Our mission

Empowering girls

We distribute didactic kits that enable girls in at-risk communities to build robots from electric waste.

Our program empowers girls by combining math with the assembly of robots, which increases students' understanding of mathematics, improving their positive perception of the subject.

While we focus on empowering girls by engaging them in STEM, some of our programs have welcomed male students. We remain committed to serving three girls for every boy.

Our tools

Hydraulic Arm
Electric Car
Robotic Arm
Our Story

Across generations, women are dereprived of core learning skills like math, reading, and writing. Our team works hard, so every day that passes, fewer girls wonder who they would have become if given a chance to study. Click below to meet the women that inspire this mission.

Our Impact

We empower youth in at-risk communities to build robots from electric waste and recycled materials. Click below to learn more about our impact in El Salvador, Colombia, and Nigeria.

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