Tumaco is a port city located in the southwestern corner of Colombia near neighboring Ecuador. The city is home to a predominantly Afro-Colombian population whose vibrant culture and traditions have greatly influenced the city's music, dance, and cuisine.

P.S: The only reason we got through teaching at 100 °F (37°C) and 75% humidity was our students' energy, singing and dancing to Palenque, a mixture of elements of rap, reggae, Caribbean tunes, and Afro beats.

Age: 13 - 17 years old (82%), 18+ years old (18%)

Grade: 8th - 11th grade

Female participants: 100%

Total Participants: 33 girls

Student Demographics

Project Deliverables

Our team delivered 30 hours of STEM training facilitating the assembly of three robots: a hydraulic arm, an electric car, and a robotic arm. We concluded our week with our most awaited science fair, where our students explained the functionality of their prototypes to family members, younger students, and the community.


Our favorite part of this experience was working with a female-led team to serve 100% of female participants.

It was an honor to work with female scientists whose research is a melting pot of our cultures and disciplines, including researching Chilean seaweed, the Amazon's most venomous centipedes, and food sovereignty.